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Voice Services
Voice Services
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The right phone service is critical to your communication needs and your company's bottom line.  At VodaWize we work with a variety of vendors to optimize your service while delivering the best combination of cost, quality and installation.   From local to Toll Free, we have the experience to bring you together with the right solution. 


Bundled Services

Improve productivity and lower overall costs!  Imagine having your Voice, MPLS, Internet Access and Private Line services all over one common connection.   We've had customers double their bandwidth and voice service for less than half of what they were previously paying. 



Save money with our local dial tone options with a minimum of installation time.   Our vendors can offer you all the business productivity features your company needs.


Integrated Access

We have relationships with multiple vendors to deliver an economical combination of voice/data over an integrated facility.


Dedicated Long Distance

Give your organization the highest quality circuit at extremely competitive rates.   We can help you lower your overall costs by coming up with creative solutions for your local and long distance calls.


Switched Rate Long Distance

We'll find you the providers to offer you the best combination or price
and service.



We work for you!


Contact us today to schedule your analysis.


About 5 years ago, the Capital Area Soccer League, a youth soccer club of about 600 teams, was looking for a new communications vendor for its Internet and phone serve. Our previous two vendors had either gone bankrupt or been a big disappointment. Not really knowing quite where to turn to make sure we did have the same experience again, we found Vodawize. Wayne determined our needs for both voice and Internet, circulated our bids to qualified and reliable companies, oversaw the response process and reviewed his results with our staff. A selection of NuVox Communications was made base on price, service and dependability. None of which CASL staff could have done for ourselves. Since then, with Wayne’s help, we have reviewed each time our contract was to be renewed to insure we were still with the most appropriate communications provider for our needs. Thankfully, we can say our old problems of the past in the area of communications are a distant memory. Thanks Wayne!

- Douglas H. Kappler, CASL IT Manager

Our strategic partnerships give our customers tailor-made solutions to optimize services while reducing overall cost...and we coordinate all this without charging you for our services. Call us today for a free consultation - (866) 784-0021