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Let our expertise in the IP arena connect you to the power of the Internet.   Our strategic partnerships bring you the options that work for your business.


We offer full and fractional T1, DS-3, Fiber, Cable, ISDN and every other type of broadband connection service to customers around the world.


Full/Partial T1 & DS-3 Connections

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Private Line

In many cases private lines are used for LAN connectivity, video conferencing, remote database backup, network consolidation of voice/data traffic, and many other applications.


Frame Relay

A sharing of bandwidth among users.  Due to sharing of bandwidth, better efficiencies are achieved by the network giving the carriers the ability to pass along the savings to the user.   Privacy is assured by network and software protocols.



An alternative to Frame Relay or ATM networking options, it is a cost effective way to link site and mobile users into an integrated system using IP backbones and secure encryption technology.


MultiProtocol Label Switching

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) provides for OSI Layer 2 switching and a fully interconnected network and is becoming the most frequently deployed protocol for use with VoIP and VPN applications.



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I have worked with Wayne for over 10 years and have always found him to be knowledgeable and straightforward. Wayne knows the business and offers good advice. He has saved me thousands of dollars over the years with his recommendations on both hardware and service. Wayne will always respond quickly and follow things through until completion.

- Kyle Dilday, Springmoor Life Care Retirement Community/Retirement Living Associates

Our strategic partnerships give our customers tailor-made solutions to optimize services while reducing overall cost...and we coordinate all this without charging you for our services. Call us today for a free consultation - (866) 784-0021